Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 WFSAD Newsletter

The annual newsletter for the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District (WFSAD) has been mailed out to all residents that live within the Foothill and Extreme Foothill High Fire Hazard areas within the City of Santa Barbara. The newsletter provides valuable information about our programs and includes tips to improve the defensible space around your home in order to be prepared for wildfire. Additionally, the newsletter includes the dates for our annual chipping program that is offered to all homeowners within the WFSAD. We encourage all homeowners within the WFSAD to review the newsletter and mark their calendars for when chipping begins in their area. 

We also recommend homeowners in high fire hazard areas within the City to contact the Santa Barbara City Fire Department to schedule a voluntary defensible space evaluation. Throughout the evaluation we will discuss your current landscaping and exterior building construction and assess its current condition along with improvements that can be made to be prepared in the event of a wildfire. For any additional questions regarding the newsletter, our programs or to schedule a voluntary defensible space evaluation, please call (805) 965-5254. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Annual Defensible Space Chipping for 2016

The annual Defensible Space Chipping program is scheduled to begin on February 29, 2016. Please review the scheduled chipping dates and make sure your cut material is placed in front of your home no later than the first day chipping is scheduled to begin in your area. Also, make sure that your cut vegetation is visible from the roadway and placed in front of your home no sooner than 2 weeks before chipping is scheduled to begin in your area. Crews will not make second passes through chipping areas. 

Please click here for detailed chipping instructions. 
Chipping Schedule – 2016
  • February 29 - Sheffield/Parma
  • March 14 – Las Canoas
  • March 28 – Eucalyptus Hill
  • April 11 – Sycamore Canyon/Las Alturas
  • April 25 – Lower Riviera
  • May 2 – San Roque/Ontare
  • May 16 – Las Tunas
  • May 23– Coyote/Circle/Westmont
  • June 6 – West Mountain 
If you have any questions about annual Defensible Space Chipping Project or would like to schedule a Voluntary Defensible Space Inspection and you live within the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District, please contact Chris Braden with the City of Santa Barbara Fire Department at (805)564-5737.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Get ready for Road Clearance

The City of Santa Barbara’s Fire Department will be implementing the High Fire Hazard Vegetation Road Clearance Project starting September 2015. The work will continue through January 31, 2016.
This year 14.5 miles of roads will be cleared through funds established by the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District in both the Extreme Foothill and Foothill Zone of the City’s high fire hazard areas. Click here for a list of roads scheduled for 2015.
Since the Fire Department is not able to complete every mile of road in the high fire hazard area on an annual basis, the maintenance of the road clearance work is the responsibility of each property owner. In years past we have been able to recycle 99% of the chipped material.
If you have questions related to the project or have questions related to City property requirements you can call the Fire Department at 965-5254.